Loyalty program Farfouil celebrates

Know all the programs to earn points and discounts.

Accumulate euros before and after your purchases!

You can accumulate points that will offer discounts even before your purchases, for this you can create an account, subscribe to the newsletter, send a "Like" on Facebook or share one of our articles, these different actions will give you 200 points and be converted for a 5% discount on the 1st order.

Earn one loyalty point for every €10 spent on the site. Each point corresponding to a reduction of 1 € on your next order.

For example, if you place an order of €50, you earn 250 loyalty points, i.e. €5 immediate discount on your next order or 5% discount if it is more interesting! 😆

How to benefit from it?

You benefit from the loyalty program as soon as you register on the Sneak celebrating. Then the points you earn can be used as you see fit.

You can convert them directly on your next order or wait until you accumulate enough to give yourself a nice gift. You choose! 😏

How do I convert my points?

You must first log in to your account, or create it ( this is optional when placing an order if you do not click on "Save my personal information. ") .

When you are logged in, you click on the link below (or on the "Gifts" icon at the bottom of the screen accessible on all pages)

Once logged in, you will then see the number of points you have and the different ways to spend them.

Click on what you want and a coupon will be instantly created.

All you have to do is copy it into the "Discount code" box at the time of your purchase. (at the time of the 1st step of the order after clicking on "Checkout" in your basket) .

The reduction will then be taken into account and deducted from the total of your order according to the terms.

What are the actions to get points?

Here is the list of the different actions we offer to accumulate points:

  • 100 points to create an account

  • 5 points for every euro spent

  • 50 points when you make a referral

  • 50 points for a " Like " on our page Facebook.

  • 50 points for sharing one of our articles on your Facebook page

Points and discounts?

Here is the list of discounts available according to the points to be spent:

  • 200 points 5% immediate discount

  • 50 points €1 discount (minimum spend of 250 points)

  • 5000 points 15% immediate discount

  • 1000 points 20 € immediate discount

  • 500 points €10 immediate discount

  • 250 points €5 immediate discount

  • 500 free delivery points

Thus, these different discounts are adapted according to your order and your needs! 😁